Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 Roadtrip Mixtape

Leaving to go see family early tomorrow morning. The trek will be roughly 8 hours round-trip...Here is the mixtape track list prepared for the trip.

Thanksgiving 2013 Family Roadtrip Mixtape

Daughter-Get Lucky
Clash-London Calling
Townes Van Zandt-Automobile Blues
The Tammys-Egyptian Shumba
Middle Class-Out of Vogue
Pet Shop Boys-It's a Sin
Masakari-Rapid Dominance
Buffalo Springfield-Mr. Soul
The 4-Skins-Wonderful World
Brother Andy and His Big Damn Mouth-Mona Song
Trap Them-Day Nineteen-Fucking Viva
Jimmie Driftwood-The Battle of New Orleans
Outkast-Player's Ball
Cinemahurt-Wolf's Eyes
Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Gold Lion(Acoustic)
Rash of Beatings-Feast of Sores
The Tammys-Blue Sixteen
Pianos Become The Teeth-Homes We Die In
Blitz-Razors in the NIght
Minnie Riperton-Loving You
Heartless-The Same
Entrance-Grim Reaper Blues

Sunday, November 17, 2013

This new band from Memphis is killing it..


ICEBIRDS will be taking a break from playing shows for a while to focus on a new band and recording. ICEBIRDS will be playing a tape release show Feb. 1st @ LaLaLand with some great bands. Thanks for everyone who came out the last few weeks to shows. Keep your ear to the ground...

Next show:

Feb. 1st 2014
LaLaLand-641 MLK
Chelsea Manning Trio

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Last night

Huge thanks to Sam at LaLaLand for putting together an amazing show. Healer from Hot Springs killed it, Senior Fellows were outstanding, and had riffs that pumbeled you into the earth. Shook Yang has a sort of mysticism behind the band. That aspect of mysticism is hard to describe, but it is there is a great way. Shook Yang is my new favorite band.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I recently stumbled across a interview online, and one of the questions to the band was, " what are your 10 Desert Island Discs?"   The question got my attention..

1.) Rwake-Voices of Omens
2.) The Locust-Safety Second, Body Last
3.) At the Drive-In-Relationship of Command
4.) His Hero is Gone-15 Counts of Arson
5.) Converge-Petitioning the Empty Sky
6.) The Smiths-Strangeways, Here we Come
7.) Napalm Death-Harmony Corruption
8.) Swans-Holy Money
9.) Fugazi-Repeater
10.) Ginsu Wives-Sex with Miners 

Beyond Stoked for Friday!

Sunday, November 10, 2013


ICEBIRDS will be taking a break from playing shows after the November 15th show at LaLaLand. Taking time to record a debut demo which will be released February 1st on CruelCorruptRecordings. The demo will be released on limited run of cassettes and also a digital release via CruelCorruptRecordings. A release show is scheduled for February 1st at LaLaLand with some killer bands! The upcoming//release show information are as follows:

November 15th 2013
10PM//5 Dollar Suggested Donation
641 MLK Blvd
Senior Fellows(Tulsa Sludge)
Healer(Hot Springs/Ex-Holy Shakes)
Shook Yang(Fayetteville HC)

February 1st 2014
641 MLK Blvd
BoneMagic(Industrial//Noise from Oklahoma)
lovelord(New Oklahoma Noise)

Last night

The show was awesome. Thanks for all the strange and kind words. Next show is November 15th @ LaLaLand!


Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Icebirds debut Demo will be released by Oklahoma based noise/drone/experimental label Cruel Corrupt Recordings. The release date is set for sometime in January and a show will be happening to coincide with the release. The debut demo will be released on a limited run of tapes and a digital release by Cruel Corrupt Recordings. MORE info on the Demo Release will be coming soon...


Monday, November 4, 2013

Check out


First show in less than a week at Jr's Lightbulb Club, and possible future live collaboration in the works?